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Windsor True Blues RSC

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Windsor True Blues RSC Football Team
The NARSA Sammy Cox Invitational Indoor Tournament
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Transfer Rumours

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Ins and Outs

  • July 1

    Players In
    Alan Gow (Falkirk) - Bosman
    Kirk Broadfoot (St Mirren) - Bosman
    Jean Claude Darchville (Bordeaux) - Bosman
    Giorgos Efrem (Arsenal) - Free
    Graeme Smith ( Kilmarnock) - Free
    DaMarcus Beasley (PSV) - 700k
    Webster - Loan (Until Dec 31st)

    Players Out
    D. Prso - (Retired)
    G. Rae - Free
    S. Klos -(Retired)
    M. N'Diaye -Free
    A. Ponroy - Free
    K. Svennson - 700k

Transfer Rumours

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